Adventure Island 高桥名人之冒险岛

Adventure Island is a classic scrolling game you may have been searching for a long time. It is now available on android. An Evil Witch Doctor has kidnapped Princess Leilani and taken her to Adventure Island in the South Pacific. Master Higgins, the game's protagonist, is attempting to save the kidn...

2017-05-22 15:22:53
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Crash Bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot is a funny cartoonish jump and run action game with various themed levels.Help Bandicoot to complete his exciting journey

2017-05-10 16:05:40
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Mass Mayhem 3

Unleash your fury and destroy everything on your path. Create combo killings, bloody carnage and massive mayhem! Join other Mass Mayhem player. Mass up everything across you. Make your super mayhem now!

from andkon
2016-10-27 11:13:36
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13 Days in Hell

Whats worse than zombies walking the earth? Do a tour of take you to 13 days in hell, your duty is in the underworld, kill all the brother. These creeps are RAW.

2016-10-21 10:58:25
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Free Icecream

In Free Ice Cream, you, a little girl, end up in a creepy cellar after being promised free ice cream. Escape from the house without being caught by the insane cook! It is time to pay for the free ice cream...muahaha...

from newgrounds
2016-10-27 13:49:03
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Zombie Warrior Man

Zombie Warrior Man is being held captive in a hospital where scientists are trying to find and harness the super powers of his genes except Zombie warrior does not like hospitals so he decides he is leaving whatever they say. Use whatever weapons you can find and help Zombie Warrior Man escape to fr...

from hackedarcadegames
2016-10-27 15:49:50
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Street of Death

Zombies have taken over the city! You are on the street of death. The last cop is alive! Keep the zombies at bay while you make your way to the military base in search of backup! Hack and slash zombies on your search for salvation in this total gore-fest!

2016-10-21 10:58:25
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