Red Ball 3

Red Ball 3 is another cool physics-based puzzle game made by Red Ball Studio. Your girlfriend was kidnapped by an evil black ball. Roll and jump your way through each level and save your girlfriend!

2017-05-10 17:49:51
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Sick Figure Penalty

How the stick figure penalty lies in your hands. In stick figure penalty choose however you want to kill him and witness how he dies! Enjoy! You can use gun, stick, knife, to penalty the stickman.

2017-05-10 16:53:22
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Whack theThief

Oldie but goldie! Protect your property and find all ten ways to Whack the Thief in this funny sequel to the brutal whacking game series. Much fun!

from whackit
2017-05-22 15:13:51
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Quick Stick 3

You are a quick stick 3 killer! Laid out before you is an army of faceless black nobodies all waiting for their chance to kill you with 1 shot. Stand up and show them what you can do. Fighting!!

2017-05-10 16:47:45
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Feed Us Pirates

Feed us is back and on piranhas todays menu are ragged pirates. Yummy! Help the hungry protagonist to sink boates and eat humans, birdies or tiny fishes. Its also necessary to collect all blood orbs to buy upgrades. In Feed Us Pirates you can also use canons to catapult the man-eating fish through t...

2017-05-10 13:22:18
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stick figure penalty chamber 2

One Prisoner. One Penalty. 15 Choices. Get the stick in the penalty chamber and choose what way he will die.

2017-05-04 17:51:23
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One Prisoner. One Penalty. 15 Choices. Get the stick in the penalty chamber and choose what way he will die. The most anticipated sequel of stickmans greatest torture is here! The Stick Figure Penalty chamber is now filled with more ways to end up the so called life of this stick. Enjoy those ways...

2017-05-22 15:28:54
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Throw someone of some way too long set of stickman stairs fall and see how much you can hurt the stickman! Stairfall still works and this is the best stickman fall game you ever seen

2017-05-10 15:45:26
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Creative Kill Chamber

Escape the Creative Kill Chamber by killing your captors one by one in this click through adventure!

2017-05-22 14:07:42
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Mike Shadow I paid for it!

I paid for it, why I cannot get my drink!!! Stickman said angrily. When the vending machine fooled stickman it was the beginning of the nightmare. The stickman said I paid for it, but nothing comes out. In this game, you need to hit the vending machine to be the strongest machine destroyer in the w...

2017-05-22 13:30:58
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